THRIVE Conference


I will be speaking May 8 & 9 at First Baptist Church of Corinth’s Women’s Conference THRIVE teaching on John 15.

“Are you just surviving life? Or maybe you live striving to please God with all you’ve got but with little to show for it. There is a spiritual secret of abundance, joy and power known as abiding.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to abide to thrive.”

3 Sessions will be taught

  • Survival instincts caused by Bad Definitions
  • Striving; the trap of self-sufficiency
  • Abiding the secret of abundance

Bring a friend and attend if you are in the area. 

Comment below if you want more information!


Thrive Conference



ABIDE. Day 19 of Lent. Christ final lesson.

ABIDE. Christ Final lesson.


John 15 records Christ final lesson to his dearly loved disciples.  They like many of us, still think God does His transforming work through our efforts and on our terms.  I believe these men were frustrated, confused, and even resentful that the Messiah was not living up to their expectations of becoming King and overthrowing the oppressive rule of the Romans to give them freedom but instead was talking about service and sacrifice. I think many Christians have the same look on their faces today.  Living this Christian life has turned out differently than you expected. You’ve tried so hard but freedom from habits and sin hasn’t been found.  Maybe today, if we can step into John 15. Be there in the vineyard. Hear, with spiritual ears, the Lord’s teaching of what is required of his followers we might find ourselves in that sweet spot. The Great Ah-Ha Moment that fans into flame a paradigm shift of the soul.  May God’s Spirit in this moment speak to your spirit in a way that you can grasp this truth.

I give the honor of the presentation of this message to one of my favorite teacher/pastors, Steve Thomason.  He is a gifted artist and his visual imaginative teaching of this passage is phenomenal.